My Desk Setup

Welcome to White House Weekly!  While I love every series I’m producing, this one is especially exciting for me because I got a new desk and lots of goodies to organize and decorate with.

You’ll see a lot of things in the video, but here are my three favorites:

Hula Desk Caddy

This desk caddy is sold at Staples and is part of their desk organization line featuring patterns from the Macbeth Collection.  I love how high-quality it feels, and how much it can hold.


Martha Stewart Shelf

I love this shelving/organizing setup.  I also got this at Staples; it’s the Martha Stewart wall manager, and it’s really a neat way of organizing many different office supplies in one space.  The different parts of the unit snap apart to rearrange however you like.  You can purchase multiple back panels and snap them together to make a larger unit, and with hooks, clips, drawers, shelves, caddies, and various types of boards, you’re only limited by your imagination (and maybe your budget!) in configuring it.


Shoe Tape

I love, love, love this tape dispenser!  I found it at Office Depot, but this particular pattern doesn’t show up on their website, but it’s sold at other stores as well, including Staples.


♥ Allie

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